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Kevote wet mill was founded in 1957 by a group of 100 farmers linked to the Kirurumwe FCS who had planted their first trees seven years earlier in 1950. Currently, the cooperative has grown to encompass three processing facilities, adding Kianjuki and Ngaindethia to the group, and has a membership of around 2600 active farmers.

The co-op has 18 permanent members of staff under the secretary manager who is responsible for teh day to day running of the business, with direction provided by five members who hold elective position as part of a management board. Around 20 seasonal workers join them during the harvest season.

Cherries are hand picked and taken to the wet mill on the same day. Cherries are sorted and cleaned in water taken from the local river which is then filtered and cleaned before being returned. Cherries them selves are spread out under the sun to dry before being bagged and transported to the dry mill (Highlands Coffee Mills) and ultimately taken to Nairobi ready for export.

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