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Grind type : Whole Bean
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AAGPROCEM stands for Montalvo Association of Farmers and Speciality Coffee. The association exists to consolidate and market the harvest of its member farmers from the Montalvo veered of the Planades municipality in the south of Tolima and is led by one of its founders, Edision Vaquiro, who grew up on a farm in Montalvo. Planades, emerging from the shadow of many years of armed conflict, is home to comparatively  traditional coffee production and quite a few independent, member owned associations.

What puts AGPROCEM into a much smaller group is their focus on cup quality and environmental conservation, many of the members being organic and/or fair-trade certified, all of whose coffee plots feature native hardwood shade trees. 

AGPROCEM sets itself further apart from the commercial supply chain throughout their quality control and lot separation capability, thanks to their world class taster Robinson. Direct Origin Trading partners with AGPROCEM to segeregate lots by profile and channel them into their ideal roaster and get farmers the best price possible either as a single farm microlot or as a bespoke regional lots.